Guests in your home should say,“your house is so you.”

We want your home to feel warm, comfortable and familiar, but thoughtfully designed, well-functioning and beautiful. At the end of the day, our hope is that your home reflects your life ― with Katie’s signature warmth and layers peppered throughout.

Meet the Team

Principal & Creative Director

Katie spent the first part of her life growing up in Tampa, FL and the last 20 years in New England, with both New York and California plunked in the middle. Katie herself is equal parts vintage and modern ― she is just as likely to wear clogs as Chanel flats and often on the same day. Never trendy and always comfortable, she brings this same sense of stylish comfort to her designs.

Our Talented Team

  • Jessica Chabot

    Design Director/Interior Architect

  • Meghan Carney

    Director of Operations

  • Lauren Passaretti

    Technical Interior Designer

  • Julia Kennedy

    Interior Designer

  • Alannah O'Neil

    Interior Designer, Vanity & Co. Brand Manager

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